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About Busker


Our shared passion for music brought us together to create Busker. Our love for discovering new artists and good music became intertwined with our concern for supporting musicians on their musical journeys. With Busker, we break down the barriers between fans and artists. We believe that as long as there are fans, unique songs will increase in value.

Unique song collection

Unlock a world of musical discovery with Busker Radio's exclusively curated channels! Immerse yourself in new sounds and connect with like-minded music lovers through our collection of beloved tracks.

Artist and fan community

Musicians connect with collectors by opening up communication and sharing posts. Experience the ultimate enhancement of community features, brought to you by the dynamic interplay of fans and musicians alike.

Supporting music

Fans experience a new way of supporting artists by collecting their one-of-a-kind songs. Their payment goes directly to the artist, who in turn receives up to 90% of the income for the exclusive ownership of their limited music copies.