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Connecting artists with music enthusiasts

Unleash the full potential of your musical talent and let it reach the ears of those who are eagerly waiting to discover and support it. Busker's music platform offers a bridge for you to connect with music enthusiasts and form a direct bond with your dedicated listeners, like never before.

Reach true music fans

Engage music lovers and let them add your songs to their collection. Make a lasting impression as they discover your music on the radio and connect with you on a deeper level.

Elevate your music career

Empower your fans to join you on your music-making journey by offering them exclusive access to your unique digital songs. Let them add your music to their special collections and become a part of your story.

Build your community

Forge unforgettable connections with your biggest collectors! Let the love and support of your music collectors fuel your creativity and drive your success.

How it works?

How It Works
  1. Create your unique songs on Busker and let people get to know you better while enjoying your music.
  2. On Busker, you create unique copies of your music that can be purchased and owned in the digital world.

    Learn how to create unique songs
  3. Put your unique songs on sale and earn up to 90% profit per purchase.
  4. You can sell your unique songs at a fixed price, through a live auction, or with open offers. Don't worry, you will retain the copyrights to your songs.

    Learn how to sell unique songs
  5. Connect with your fan community.
  6. You can create polls for your collectors or the Sidea community and engage with music lovers through active communication.

  7. Earn form secondary sales.
  8. Earn a royalty fee when collectors resell your unique songs, at the royalty rate you specify.

Take the first step to success

Take the first step to success

As a Busker artist, you have the freedom to release your songs on other music platforms. We support musicians, not restrict them. Join the Busker community and boost your music career by applying to be an artist.