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Glorify your music collection together with your favorite artists

Discover new and tasteful music to build your own digital collection. Enjoy the experience of interacting with your favourite artists and with other collectors having similar music taste you do.

Build a digital song collection

Become the owner of a limited song edition when you purchase and add it to your collection. See how the songs in your collection getting valuable while listening to them with pleasure.

Interact with artists

Get closer to your favorite artists you collected from their creations. Join their polls, interact with them and contribute to their music journey.

Keep up the nostalgic fun

Collecting a piece of music you admire just after listening to it on the radio has always been special. Discover unique songs on our radio and bring out the best in music art.

How it works?

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  1. Discover new songs and artists on Busker radio.
  2. You can live an immersive journey by traveling the channels on Busker radio.

  3. Collect a unique song on sale and fund the artist.
  4. You can purchase limited edition songs in fixed price, in live auction or with open for offers.

    Learn how to collect unique songs
  5. Enrich your collection.
  6. After you buy a unique song, it becomes a piece of your digital music collection. Show your collecting passion to the other collectors and artists to share more values together.

  7. Sell your collected songs if you wish.
  8. You can sell your collection items whenever you want by selecting from different sales options. The artist earns a royalty fee set by the artist when you sell an item. In this way, while you earn money, so does your favorite artist.

    Learn how to collect unique songs
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Start creating your collection

Just take one step to strengthen bonds with musicians by collecting songs. The more songs you collect, the more musicians find financial support to sustain their music careers.

Plus, many collector benefits are about to come!