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About Unique Songs

Get to know the basics of unique songs and the blockchain

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Understand the fundamentals of a crypto wallet and how to practice wallet safety

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Collecting Unique Songs

Familiarize yourself with buying and bidding on unique songs on Busker

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Selling Unique Songs

Learn how to trade unique songs and contribute to the musician when making a profit

About Unique Songs

Hey there! Have you heard about unique songs? They're a really cool new way for musicians and music fans to come together.

A unique song (NFT) is a special kind of digital asset that represents ownership of a unique piece of music. The music is embedded in a digital token, which is stored on a blockchain. This means that the token is one-of-a-kind and can't be replicated.

The best part is that you can buy, sell, and trade unique songs just like any other digital asset. So, if you're a music lover, you can own a piece of your favorite song and support your favorite artist. And, if you're an artist, you can use unique songs to monetize your work and give your fans a new way to engage with your music.

Blockchain and Security

Let’s understand how unique songs work. Well, it all starts with something called blockchain.

A blockchain is like a big digital ledger that keeps track of all the transactions that happen in a network. It's kind of like a digital notebook that everyone can see and add to, but no one can change or delete anything that's already been written down. This makes it really secure and trustworthy.

About Uniqe Songs


When it comes to trading unique songs, you'll need a special kind of wallet to store them in. These are called crypto wallets.

A crypto wallet is kind of like a digital bank account for your unique song tokens and manage your transactions.

The digital crypto wallet will give you a unique address, kind of like a bank account number, that you can use to send and receive unique songs. They will also provide you with a private key, which is like a password that you'll need to access your unique songs. It's very important to keep your private key safe and secure.

When you want to trade a unique song, you'll simply send it from your wallet to the buyer's wallet, using the unique address. It's that simple!

Learn how to get a crypto wallet

Connecting your digital wallet to Busker

When you click the connect button on Busker, the steps you need to follow appear. Once you're done, have fun collecting and selling those one-of-a-kind tunes!

Connect Wallet

Collecting Unique Songs

Browse Busker collection and find the artist and the unique song that you like.

Before you make your purchase, take a look at the details of the unique song, including the terms of the sale, the edition size and the artist's statement.

Once you've connected your wallet, you'll be able to preview the transaction details and make your purchase as fixed price or auction.

Fixed Price

  1. Select the unique song you want to buy and confirm the purchase price in MATIC.
  2. Once the transaction is confirmed on the Polygon blockchain, the unique song will be transferred to your wallet.


The auction will have a set starting price and a deadline. Once the auction ends, the highest bidder will win the unique song. Join the auction by following these steps:

  1. Select the unique song you want to buy and place a bid on the unique song by sending a certain amount of MATIC to the wallet address of the unique song owner. This amount should be higher than the current highest bid.
  2. Keep track of the auction's progress, and if you choose to, you can place a new bid at any time before the auction ends.
  3. Once the auction ends, the highest bidder will be the new owner of the unique song. If you are the winner, you will receive an email confirmation with all the details of the transaction, and you'll be able to see your new unique song in your wallet.

Our platform has a built-in smart contract that ensures the safe and secure transfer of ownership.

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Selling Unique Songs

You can choose to sell your created or collected unique song for a fixed price or put it up for auction, where potential buyers can bid on it over a set period of time.

Now it's time to list your uniqe song for sale on the Busker marketplace. This is where potential buyers will be able to find and purchase your unique songs. Follow these steps below according to your selling choice:

Fixed Price

  1. Navigate to your profile page and click on “Put on sale” option of your collected or created unique song.
  2. Under “selling options,” select “Fixed Price”
  3. Set the price of your unique song and confirm.

Once your unique song is listed for sale, potential buyers will be able to view and purchase it at the fixed price.

Live auction

  1. Navigate to your profile page and click on “Put on sale” option of your collected or created unique song.
  2. Under “selling options,” select “Live Auction”
  3. Set the starting bid and the duration of the auction (this can be anywhere from 1 hour to 7 days).

Once your auction is live, potential buyers will be able to view and bid on your unique song. You can monitor the progress of the auction and see the current highest bid in your dashboard.

When the auction ends, the highest bidder will automatically be notified and will have 24 hours to complete the purchase. If the highest bidder does not complete the purchase, the unique song will be awarded to the second highest bidder.

Last but not least, promote your unique song through social media and other channels to increase visibility and attract buyers. You can also share the link of your unique song on Busker with your friends and fans.

That's it! Once a buyer purchases your unique song, the funds will be sent directly to your connected wallet. And the best part is, you can continue to share and collect royalties from your song while keeping the ownership of it.

Have fun and good luck with your unique song journey!

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